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Reiki Session
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“Katy is amazing, and intuitively knew what I needed most!  After just one Reiki treatment, I felt so peaceful, and relaxed, my anxiety melted away.  I was able to have the most restful sleep I have had in ages!”     -Janine B. 

"Know this, I've had Reiki with others and it was 'meh'. Years ago I chocked it up to 'not for me'. Just wasn't convinced. Then recently, Katy offered to work on me when I was suffering. She is so loving! I didn't expect anything, but was being gracious to a generous offer from another. It's what you do. WHOA! Katy's hands were electric, powerfully healing, and the 'real deal'! I was speechless. I told her it felt like a human TENS Unit, yes... that much energy flows thru this gifted Reiki Master. My suggestion, book a session and give Katy a chance to change your mind too!"     -Teresa Z.

“Katy was my first experience with reiki, which was a practice I had been curious about for some time. Her massage table-side manner was calming, supportive & positive. I very much appreciated having Katy as my introductory experience to this healing method & I look forward to more. I recommend Katy for reiki, whether you are new to it or continuing.”     -Sybil W. 

“I really enjoyed receiving a reiki treatment from Katy.  She creates a very soothing atmosphere and gave really good guidance as far as what to expect from her energetic work.  Something I really liked about Katy's approach is that she uses medicine cards with the client to help identify any issues of focus for the reiki work.  I left my session with Katy feeling very grounded and balanced. I will definitely seek her services out again!”     -Erin J. 

"I'm a 70 year old woman who had no idea what Reiki was or even how to pronounce it. But last May I was experiencing low back pain because I had been on my feet all day. Katy offered to give me a Reiki treatment. At first I was skeptical since I didn't understand what she was talking about, and that it wasn't a massage but just an energy working through her hands by gently touching my back.  On Katy's treatment table, I reclined on my back. The room was quiet with the exception of soft music playing and low light. Soon I was aware how warm, almost hot, her hands were.  I found my mind wandering, but in a good way, and peaceful feelings slowly came over me.  I'm a Type A woman who has trouble shutting down her mind and relaxing.  I was asked to lay on my stomach. After about an hour of her hands gently touching my back, legs, arms, shoulders, stomach and head, I was completely relaxed. Afterward, I realized that my back pain had disappeared and I was in a relaxed, positive mood."    

 -Debbie C. 

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