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Reiki Treatment

Enjoy a traditional reiki session including chakra balancing, clearing energy field, and Reiki focused on areas from head-to-toe, front and back. Concludes with a brief singing bowl bath. Optional Animal Oracle Card reading.  Total appointment time 90 minutes, with 60 minutes of Reiki.  $75

Crystal Harmonizing

Crystals have their own energies.  After getting acquainted and discussing your desired harmony, you’ll lay on the massage table.  Stones or bags of crystals will be placed on your body and chakras.  You'll be guided through a meditation/visualization.  Total appointment length 90 minutes, with 60 minutes with the stones.  $60

Stones we may utilize:

Selenite: Clears energy blockages, releases insecurity, and spiritual attunement.

Prehnite: Brings peaceful awareness, dispels worry and restlessness, union of the heart and will. 

Quartz crystals: Clearing, cleansing, heals the emotional body, amplification of one’s intention.  

Malachite: Psychic protection, manifestation, enlightened leadership, creativity

Labradorite: Aids in doing “inner work” to root out old negative patterns

Lapis Lazuli: Past life recall, visionary awareness, truthful communication

Obsidian: grounding, psychic cleansing, protection

Bumblebee Jasper: Infuses passion with sense of purpose, inspires courage and adventurousness

Moldevite: Opens the heart, inspires one to fulfill one’s highest destiny

Singing Bowl Therapy

Sit back and relax while being immersed in the calming vibration of a Tibetan singing bowl.  Begin with a rattle to clear and release what is no longer needed.  Raise the vibration of your body to feel peaceful and relaxed.  Read this Washington Post article to learn more about Singing Bowls. Total appointment length is 60 minutes.  $60 


In Native American cultures such as the Lakota Sioux, it is traditional to begin a ceremony by burning sage bundles and using a feather fan to clear, remove, and purify any negative energy present in a person’s energy field. It also facilitates a shift in energy and often makes one feel “lighter” because of the release. Give gratitude to what no longer serves you and set your new intentions.  20 minutes.  Add on to another service only.  $20

Home Blessings and Clearings

A smudging for your home.  Moving into a new house and want to set some beautiful, positive intentions for your family and living space? Moving into an old home and want to release the energy of the previous occupants? Real estate agent trying to sell a home and it won't move? Sage smoke is used with the feather fan from floor to ceiling, around the perimeter of each room.  You specify the blessings and intentions, and they are integrated with the ceremony.  I also set Reiki symbols for harmony and protection.  $50 for any residence with two bedrooms within 40 miles from Denver. (For homes farther than 40 miles, add $1.25 per mile up to 100 miles. For larger than 2 bedroom homes, add $10 per room.)  

Remote Reiki Treatment

Receive reiki in the comfort of your own home, and the practitioner is not physically present. Choose a mutual time. This is akin to a meditation, during which you choose  to sit in a chair or lie down and play some relaxing music of your choice. At the appointed time, we begin with a phone call to get acquainted and answer any questions. Hang up the phone and close your eyes. Katy will send you reiki for 30 minutes, as you sit quietly, open to receive this healing energy. You will be surprised at how relaxed and balanced you will feel! 

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